Quilted Rummage

Potsherd Poetry

Shorter, stand alone pieces with sound scapes, visual quilting, and whittled words without narration


Secondhand Triptychs

Exploration of a general theme or question in three individual parts all looking in the same direction but standing on their own with sound scapes, visual quilting, and full narration

Celluloid Cyphers

Shorter curated, illustrative clips pulled directly from primary sources and offered with minimal color commentary or augmentation


A project deep rooted in

my bruised knuckled belief that outgrowing IS a viable, nonviolent response to being born into this consumer culture of CORPORATE COLONIZATION built upon fully Indexed Lifetimes, all mapped out and pre-sold to the highest bidders because, before our lives have even really gotten so far as walking, our eyeballs are already more valuable than gold


the most honest works of piracy any one of us can aspire to against this Pseudo-Culture-Ponzi-Scheme where our children are raised to be both CONSUMERS and CONSUMED, is to find our stumbling way through our digital world like we are ill-tuned dowsing rods, resounding off those things that inexplicably make our hearts & minds resound and then, finding resonation, steer our lives away from just so much more consuming and towards

the making of THOUGHTFUL little things worth sharing and the sharing of little things that make us THOUGHTFUL

Quilted Rummage